Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Moments

We love our good friends Kate and Mikel AND the SB Museum of Natural History.

One of the kiddos first sighting of Baby Daniel. It still astounds me that the zookeepers did not know that mama was pregnant until they walked in one morning and saw Daniel. Uhmmm...he was 5 feet 9 inches at birth. Did ya just think she was bloated?

Our PEP Group's Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza. Do you notice how Keller is holding his basket? We made paper mache baskets and the darn handles kept ripping, crafting fail.

This goofy expression = AWESOME.

Yay for getting to see Am when we were in the Bay Area...

...and the seals.

Last but not least, it was hard to leave this adorable babe behind. He was yummy!

Though, I am not sure he was loving my parenting skills. Ugh, I think I have forgotten how to hold a baby. I kept flopping him around. Help!

Whoops, thought the baby pictures were last, but no, you get these love pink "cupcakes." Sis made us cupcakes! She is the sweetest. Wait for it, beet cupcakes. I am not a convert, but the frosting was delicious.

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Krista said...

You're great with baby Bewitched! & the frosting was an orange cream cheese, oranges courtesy of our tree. Great photos, sis!