Thursday, September 8, 2011

LA Dinosaur Trip Redux

Our second trip to see the dinosaurs = a success! We did have a few minor glitches. Three kids in their car seats, check. Lunch packed, check. A stroller, nope. We rarely use one, preferring to use a sling to carry the baby around. Oh, the sling, nope. The sling was sitting at home where I had taken it out of the car for the first time in days. I have to give J and I big props. After a brief moment where I panicked and said a few choice words under my breath, we sucked it up and continued with our trip.

Baby's first view of a T-Rex:

Ta-Ta made Vera's shirt!

Basically, the coolest dinosaur that walked the earth. The stegosaurus with his bony plates was awesome.

You know those employees that truly don't get the job, he was one of them. It is particularly obvious when your job entails working with children. Awkward.

Don't know why, love this photo.


nonni said...

great family pic

nonni said...

Is someone trying to get Vera to be a model or did she pose that way on her own?!