Thursday, September 1, 2011

Morning Routine

Getting ready for kindergarten and getting all of us out of the house by 8am is a HUGE challenge for this family. What I hate most, having to tell Vera over and over, "Brush your teeth, get dressed, or put your shoes on!"

A few years back I had seen a friend's plan for the morning routine. She had written the steps that her child needed to complete to be ready to go in the morning, then her child had drawn an illustration to accompany each task. We went one step farther and took a picture for each step. Vera loves it!

Get Dressed:

Put Sunscreen On:

Brush your teeth:

Brush/Fix Your Hair:

Eat Breakfast:

Take Your Vitamins:

Grab Your Backpack:

Put Your Shoes On:

Get in the Car:


Dan said...

Yes, but does it get you out of the house ontime and without mother losing her mind.

The Fallons said...

LOVE this!

Krista said...

What a cool idea. Does it work?

Anonymous said...

Love the last pic.

Fourth breakfast