Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marco! Polo!

Last Saturday, we rounded up the kiddos to watch a free polo match. It turned out to be very, very informal and we were grateful that we had chairs still stored in the trunk. You basically backed up to the field and parked to watch, kind of a like a drive-in movie, with horses.

The kiddos started out watching the match, all super excited. Then, a very nice lady came to let us know that balls and/or horses cross the red "barrier." The barrier was that very small board in front of Vera and Keller. Sure enough, while watching we saw two horses and their riders jump the board to keep from colliding. We backed up a bit.

We also flanked the kids. If I ball did cross, I am sure that J or I would have caught it, he would have just thrown the baby to me first. ;)

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