Thursday, October 27, 2011

August - 2 Month Check-Up

August is smiling and happy. Mama no longer eats anything that includes dairy or is dairy and that seems to have helped his stomach issues...aka...gas. The dairy thing only really hurts when it comes to cheese (think pizza) and ice cream. Hmm, I also miss yogurt and sour cream. Does sour cream count as a cheese? Basically, I miss dairy.

Back to the baby, he can roll from his stomach to his back. It might be considered more of a flop. He loves the sling and his bedtime is 7pm. Yay! As you can tell by the photo, August is an avid thumb sucker.

Weight - 12.4 lb
Height - 24.5 in

Just for comparison...

Weight - 12.14 lb
Height - 25 in

Weight - 13.11 lb
Height - 24.5 in

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