Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Hollow

A trip to the Bay Area necessitated a trip to Happy Hollow in San Jose. Nonni and Nonno have always taken the kids, this was the first time that J and I got to go. The cool part, if you are member of the Santa Barbara Zoo, you get in free. We love a deal!

Ready to rock! The park is perfect for our age kiddos, the only problem is that Vera's height is going to size her out of some of the rides in a year or so.

Coolest swing:

The kiddos favorite ride:

Vera's least favorite ride was the roller coaster (if she could have gotten off at this point, she would have), Keller rode it 6 times!

Ha! Keller got in a little over his head when feeding the goats. Soon after this picture was taken he decided to quit feeding them altogether.

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