Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keller - 3 Year Appointment

The Dude's appointment just happened, primarily because it was scheduled earlier and I straight up forgot it. Chalk it up to having a new baby in the house, my brain was fried. Basically, this is his 3 and one quarter check-up.

Keller is counting and trying to make patterns (after being taught what a pattern is by his sister). He can ride a two wheel bike and his basic philosophy in life is, "Don't place or put anything down when you can throw it." It becomes a problem when said item hits someone on the head or crashes into a glass object. Recently, my heart melted when he declared that he loved me more than swings. I love the little dude.

  • Riding his bike
  • His best friend Keenan
  • The color yellow
  • Throwing/Kicking any type of ball
  • Coloring
  • Being told no
  • Losing at games
  • Being chased by his sister
  • Telling the difference between the color blue and green

Just for comparison...

Weight - 39 lb
Height - 41.5 in

Weight - 40 lb
Height - 42.25 in

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