Monday, May 14, 2012

100 Mice

100 mice fit in a surprisingly small space, that cooler above to be exact. The snakes have to eat and J has found the most economical way possible. He ordered 100 mice online and had them delivered to our house in a cooler with dry ice. The kids were uber excited and a science project happened.

Vera is having very little difficulty with the fact that snakes eat mice, baby mice to be exact. Yet, one of her books from school mentioned that raccoons eat eggs and she had a mini meltdown about the fact that the raccoon is eating a bird's babies. She also recently has started to try to save flies. I swat them and she carries them outside for rehabilitation. She actually told me that a fly lost a leg and so she was teaching it how to walk/fly using the appendages it has left. It is quite the contradiction.

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