Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dan Zane

I just found these on my camera! Two weekends ago our crew rocked out to Dan Zane at one of UCSB's Family Concert Series. We have liked the series so much, we are considering the package deal next year and going to every event. The kids have their faces painted + free balloons + sometimes ice cream + a show = success every time. It is interesting what shows the kids really liked and what they tolerated. Ziggy Marley from two years ago is still the best one of all time.

In regards to face painting, Vera's might be my favorite of all time. Her teeth complement the look perfectly. Keller is a Transformer (just in case you needed help with identification). The BiL that lives in Santa Barbara better get that one. 

1 comment:

Julia said...

Is that picture of August supposed to look like he has balloon genitals? ha! Love Vera's face paint!