Sunday, May 20, 2012

Open House

Vera's first Open House! We got a tour of the classroom, made extra special due to the fact that she was the Super Star and her painted replica was displayed on the wall for all to see + the 10 photos of our family. I purposely am posting the picture of Vera and her teacher with the bathroom clearly visible. Seriously, I wish that all rooms in my life had an attached bathroom, for people with small bladders or those that have had three kids.

Mrs. D is a sweet teacher and she gets Vera. So much that she says Vera is a mini-her, they both like to be in control of the situation and for things to go as planned. 

During the Open House we got a personal tour from Vera. Highlights included the reading of three journal entries, viewing her favorite vegetable (the artichoke), and her self portrait. 

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