Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nonni and Nonno and the Birthday Girl

Nonni and Nonno decided to make Vera's 7th birthday super special by driving the 10-hour trip to spend one day with her. They also helped me out by taking Keller along with them on the special day. :)

Nonni spent the morning with Vera picking out a birthday present and then heading to the movie, an hour early, per Vera's request. Keller and Nonno headed to the beach to collect shells, take pictures of birds, and walk 40 miles. They made it to the movie as well and both kiddos loved Rise of the Guardians. They also discovered the joys of movie popcorn. Lunch at Chicken Ranch and frozen yogurt at McConnell's = Vera's dream day. 

Did it end there? Nope! Then, they headed to Vera's school to play on the monkey bars. They kept them out all day. It was great having quality time with just Gus, but even I have to admit, towards the end I was glad that my all three of my kiddos were chattering away in my ear. 


Rufus! Vera's birthday present from Nonni and Nonno spends his time cuddling in bed with Vera and escaping the grubby fingers of two younger brothers.

I couldn't resist the photos of Nonno spending quality time with his grandsons. A HUGE thank you to Nonni and Nonno for everything!!

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