Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sequoia Trees

On the last day of our trip, as we were driving out of King Canyons National Park, we FINALLY got to see a grove of Sequoia trees. Prior to that, we were driving through a snowstorm to get to the lodge or snowed in at The Montecito Sequoia Lodge. 

I also realize that reading the words on that sign is nearly impossible, but the story is so interesting. The fallen tree behind the men still rests exactly where it fell, hollowed out, today.

The bottom of the hollowed tree.

AND, inside! Wow, talk about perspective.

Then, we took in Grant, the world's 3rd largest tree. By volume, not to be confused with 3rd tallest tree. On the way home we learned all kinds of interesting facts about trees...tallest versus largest diameter.


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