Friday, February 7, 2014

Kindergarten B-Ball

This year is our first dealing with two kids playing sports each season. We managed to balance two soccer games (with only minor grumbling from all involved) and now are learning how to handle two basketball games every Saturday. Both K and V play at either 9 or 10 on Saturdays, we are having to split shift some game days when they happen to play at the same time. It is always difficult deciding who is going where. As you can imagine, no matter which big kid I watch play, Pearl is in my charge.

Having the two kids in the sports also allows us to see their personalities come through. Methodical - Vera. Pure aggression - Keller. Phew!!! Keller wants that ball, desperately. He almost can't stand when even another teammate has the ball. I asked him why and in pure 5-year-old logic, "If I don't have the ball, I can't score." Okay, I get that, but at some point your teammates want to touch the ball also. We are working on it.

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