Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life's Treasures

We got a great email from Vera's teacher:

Love this poem by Vera. She has a beautiful way with words.

Life’s Treasures
The soft purring of my cat late at night,
Seasoned juicy cauliflower flowing down my throat,
Stiff, clean hair on a horse’s mane,
Sweet strawberry lemonade,
The smell of fresh chocolate brownies baking in the oven,
The great eagle soaring over the shining hills,
Seeing my brothers and sister when they are first born,
My baby sister smiling at me in the morning,
My beautiful books staring at me from their shelves,
Cool breezes in the late afternoon,
Playing soccer in the crispy wind,
Winking into bed after a long and busy day.
- Vera

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