Monday, May 5, 2014

Open House

The kids had a chance to show off their schoolwork last Thursday.

Keller is standing next to his self-portrait. At Open House, he gave us a tour of his room and the different projects that they have been working on. He also proudly read 10 words off the Word Wall! His teacher spent an enormous amount of time creating a scrapbook for each child to take home, which we have been reading every night.  He loves it!

Vera's class was covered in their current unit of study, Fairytales. Each student wrote a fairytale and then made an audio recording of it, created a coat of arms, drew a Lady Vera and a castle, and created a castle at home. Props to Vera, she knew exactly what she wanted her castle to look like and did almost all of the work on it. I so wanted to make the castle...had to control the urge to meddle in her project.

In addition to visiting their current classrooms, families are encouraged to check out the upcoming grade. So sweet, Keller admitted that he is nervous about 1st grade. He isn't usually my emotional child and for him to say that...teared me up a bit. I can't believe that he will be in 1st grade.

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