Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ojai Camping

This is our family's first camping trip since 2009. Holy cow, we don't camp and this trip was a lesson to be sure. The most important thing that I learned...bug spray = good. I have so many bites and am itching, itching, itching. We've also added to our camp pack list. Dish soap and hand soap, next time I will have them. Oh, and we needed more junk food. Thankfully, the two families that we camped with brought s'mores. We would have had some sad kiddos.

Our tent is awesome. Two rooms and gigantic, it fits this family of 6 with a bit of room to spare.

Hmmm...maybe part of the reason I have so many bug bites is that I wore tank tops the entire time. 

Those are scary, bear faces. 

And, the giraffe chair is a best friends forever chair.

Popcorn by the lantern light. 

1st camping trip = check!

This guys first time too!

Nothing says fun like putting dirt and water in your shoes. 

Hiking fun. 


Seriously, this is why Keller came home with 15 splinters. Right after I took this photo I made sure that he put shoes on. I had to protect his little piggies.

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