Saturday, June 21, 2014

All-Star Baseball

A first for us, Keller is playing on the Santa Barbara Pony All-Star Team. It has been a learning process for all of us. Baseball is a sport that requires patience and listening, not to mention the throwing and batting skills.  The SB team has amazing players, so much so, that I can't believe they are 5, 6, and 7 year-old boys.


This weekend marks the team's first tournament. Holy poo, we played some tough teams. The best quote of the day goes to one of Keller's teammates. After the game his dad asks, "Did you have fun?" The little boy quickly replied, "Yes, who won?" I love that he didn't even know who had won. Unfortunately, it wasn't our team, but they are playing better and better.

Between the first game and the second we stopped by a farmer's market for carrots. Guess who loved them! Yep, the little boy in the all-stars uniform.

Keller in action during the second game.

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