Friday, June 27, 2014

Nonni and Nonno's House

Vera has been at Nonni and Nonno's house for a week now and they are spoiling her rotten. Because of that (and the fact that our house is infected at the moment) they are keeping her for a bit longer. She is having a blast. Horseback riding = check! Thanks Cousin Heather for being her riding partner!


 She is getting to make tons of crafts at both the library up there and with Nonni.

Cute little lamb. 

Cardboard city. 


Nonno is making her cook her own meals. ;) Just teasing Nonno, he is giving her cooking lessons.

While Nonni takes Vera shopping and out to fancy restaurants. Here she is displaying her new sandals...that have 2-inch heels. Way to talk your Nonni into them, Vera!

At this point, she may never want to come home again.


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