Friday, October 24, 2014

Ice Skating Adventure

Both kids + mama were very, very nervous. The last time I went skating I was 14-ish years old and was pretty darn bad at it. 

The kids, like life, attacked ice skating very differently. Vera played it safe and hooked herself to the wall or my hand as she circled the rink. She and I skate very similarly and we like circling at a nice and slow pace. Keller decided right away that he was going to be good, ignored advice that people tried to give him, and shuffled along at a surprisingly fast pace. He did well, right up to the point where his arms would windmill and he would crash on down. So glad we ended up with no emergency visits on this trip.

The little kids sat this one out. 

I would say a good 20% of my time was spent hoisting kids up.  Proud to say, this mama only went down once!

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