Monday, October 6, 2014

Rose Garden Fun

Almost every Sunday during the summer we pack up dinner, the family, our umbrella, and the trusty blue park blanket and head to the Rose Garden for dinner. Our good friends, The Sha Family, started the tradition three years ago and it is amazing. The perfect way to end our weekends, especially if they have been stressful with our soccer schedule or this fam's normal chaos. It ranges from two families to at most 5 families, but it is always a good time. 

Now, the Sha Family is moving away to start new traditions in a new city. We are happy and excited for them, thrilled that they will have new adventures, but sad that we won't get to see them on a weekly basis. It is a gift to find a family that we can all hang with and have it just be chill and easy. They are going to be missed.

I want to capture a few of our last moments together. 

Gus and Pickle, can you feel the love? Gus just wants to love him and squeeze him. Also, I have no idea why Gus doesn't have a shirt on in this picture. 

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