Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Thoughts

Posted these two pictures on facebook for Father's Day...

Opa, I love you lots. I thought about posting something on facebook, but then thought you would never see it. That said, we were in LA watching the Dodgers and this happened:

You better believe it reminded me of you! How did my son manage to fall asleep while sitting up at a baseball game? It must be in the genes. Love you! Ha!! All that said, as we got out of the game, guess which amazing couple forgot to note down where they parked the minivan. I had to laugh. Opa, do you remember a certain basketball game in the new stadium...that had a HUGE parking lot. How long did we walk around looking for our car. J and I found our car in 15 minutes, but it brought back good memories of my childhood. Well, good memories after we found the car and stopped being frustrated. In our defense, frustration kicks in pretty fast when it is hot, hot, hot and you are carrying (in my case) a 45+ lb, crying Gus. 

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