Monday, June 20, 2016

Nonni and Nonno + Morro Bay

Keller week at Nonni and Nonno Camp meant that our family drove up to San Luis Obispo to perform the hand-off. It is so weird when one of them goes up for the week, especially at night when I expect them to all be tucked into their beds. Thankful that they get the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with J's parents. 

With Keller safely on the way into tons and tons of traffic getting back to SF, the rest of our crew stopped at Morro Bay to be tourists on a different beach. 

The famous rock! The beach was oddly filled with wee, dead crab bodies. Ha! Interesting, but I wasn't all about sitting in the sand and digging my feet in. 

This guy was definitely interested in the science portion of our trip.

Why do kids need toys. Not kidding, the bottle wrapper was a phone, eye mask, and bracelet at different times. Glad she can entertain herself. On a weird note, we are an audio book family whereas Pearl is purely a music kind of girl. She has to get with the program soon, but man she screams when the books go on.

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