Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day

Recently, J took an LA trip with a co-worker and they ended up in what our family now calls Asian Costco. It is not actually run by Costco, but has a similar feel in a large warehouse and bulk buying of all our favorite goodies. Jok and rice noodles in large quantities were both on my list. 

Outside is an authentic Thai outdoor restaurant, Mama Mae Ting's Coconut Cakes. We grubbed. 

I really was going to just take a picture of the cakes being cooked, but then the sweet workers posed and here you go! Side note, Gus loves Thai papaya salad. After discovering the shrimp our three other kids were a bit weary, not Gus. He dug in with gusto and ate most of it by the end of the meal. 

Do you need the world's larges stock pot or wok?

Holy crap it was hot! I don't know how people do it. Our seats were in the blazing sun and I lasted 3 innings before complaining enough that J found us seats in shade. Something about the heat made me panic. 

Gus liked the new seats so much that he immediately fell asleep. 


Uhmmm...our new seats were a tad bit better than our old ones...AND in the shade. Plus, no one asked us to move, so I feel like it was a win, win, win. 

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