Monday, July 25, 2016

Basketball Tournament Weekend

J and I spent our birthday weekend shuttling kids to basketball tournaments. Vera (with J) headed to Ventura to play. Keller and I took to the road and traveled to Los Angeles for his 1st basketball tournament as a Viper. 

It was a HUGE facility with at least 20 courts of basketball playing. Talk about loud!

Birthday Dinner with Keller! We were a bit out of our element trying to find a place to eat, but finally landed at a Japanese restaurant. Keller kept asking for American Rolls...aka, California Rolls. His eyes were bigger than his stomach as he tried to eat both the rolls and a large bowl of Udon Soup.

Not the best picture, but nice to show that we were both there. ;)

The Dude was pretty stoked staying in a hotel with just mom. Swimming, tv watching, and free breakfast were all on the agenda. 

Keller in action. Go #33!


2nd Place! Holy cow, they got a enormous trophy!

...and t-shirts!

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