Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Girl Scout Camping

Have I mentioned yet that our big camera has bit the dust/taken its last glory shot/no longer lets me capture any moments. It is a HUGE bummer. Urgh! Thankfully, Vera has a camera that I have adopted as the family camera. Unfortunately, I never seem to take the photos off of it. She has most of the photos from the Girl Scout Camping Trip. Here are the images I managed to capture on my phone:

Ha! I did make everyone take a group photo...including siblings and mamas who were not going camping. 

Waiting for the bats! I sent this picture to one of the mamas back home who was not camping and she freaked out. I guess bats are likely to carry rabies. Hmmm...learn something new every day. Thankfully no one came home with puncture wounds.

The girls chilling in the morning by the campfire.

Girl Group Shot

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