Thursday, August 24, 2017

Road Trip 2017 - The Random Correction

The next group of pictures is everything that I felt didn't fit into a particular category, but were cool enough that I want to explain what we were doing. 

Lava Hot Springs, home to the perfect sized water park for our family. Enough for the big kids to do, but not so big that I felt overwhelmed with the little ones. 

Big kids loved the platforms. It doesn't look that scary, but I was nervous! I jumped from the first and a wedgie to the extreme + my sinuses being cleaned out made me glad I did it for the experience, but no need for a repeat. Keller and Vera both ventured to platform #2 and Jason went straight for #3. #3 was really, really high. 

It was Gus' birthday the day we went to the water park. Yay for 6!

The girls joking around.

Right at the end, right when we were about to leave, the entire park got shut down due to a thunderstorm rolling in. Not only do they shut the park part down, the showers in the building as well.

Dinner in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Salt Lake at Saltair. Wow, I read many accounts of people swimming in Salt Lake. Nothing prepared me for the oddness of the experience. Black flies swarm around the shoreline and on the "sand." The only thing living in the water was tiny shrimps. That said, once you shoo the flies and enter the is shallow for a loooooong time

Those two little specks in the background are my kids, not even up to their knees.

I kind of wished I had floated, but with no showers, I left the swimming part to the kids. I was in jean capris and even while taking these pictures the water was only up to my calves.

Tots! We ate at Big Jud's, which is famous from a Man v. Food episode. They serve tots and we overestimated how much food we would need. I think the tots we ordered lasted for a week and Jason ate them all. That said, we came to find out that Big Jud's makes their own fries...we missed out.

Very educational and sad for many reasons.

How the kiddos chilled during our road trip:

The only signs I got to take pictures with during our trip. They were 20 feet from each other and at this point Keller was refusing to get out of the car for photos. 

I under photographed Montana, wish I had taken a few more.

The start of our obsession with thrills and chills.

The kiddos worked their butts off during this trip answering questions and filling out pamphlets about various National Parks, Monuments, and Forests.

No better time to buy matching hats. 

A bathroom break = the perfect time to see a big Idaho potato and a very cool museum.

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