Saturday, August 26, 2017

Road Trip 2017 - Yellowstone

I was nervous in Yellowstone. The geysers seem too hot and are too close. Ha. I like my children super safe...yes, I realize that driving in a car is more dangerous. The pathways were wide and no on was in immediate danger, but man I was on high alerty. 


Old Faithful lived up to the hype, yes their are a thousand people there, but you are all witnessing something so cool together. 

Geysers, geysers, and more geysers. 


We took a break from geysers to see the view from Lower Falls. Breathtaking as expected. 

Had to take a picture of the kiddos completing the Junior Ranger Program. Interestingly, the only one that cost money on our trip...a whopping $3. 

We stretched our kiddos with a full day of activities and ended up at the Mammoth Hot Springs Area at 6pm. They were tired and some a little cranky, but I felt like our Yellowstone day was complete. 


Then, to end our already packed dusk on a sprint back to the gift shop...we saw a bear. It crossed the road right in front of our car and then proceeded to chill on the side of the road. All kids and parents super excited except for Pearl, she was a little scared and nervous. 

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