Saturday, September 29, 2018

Random Round-Up for September

Monkey bars for life!

Mars has discovered that Keller ist he warmest of us all.

OSMI with just Pearl and Mom.

She is ready for college volleyball.

This one is for you Nonni!

All of our stuff delivered! We got to play bingo as they delivered box after box after get the picture.

Pearl is glad that it is finally her turn to play a sport.

My favorite mural to date, actual plans for hair.

All of Portland and we are astounded by the continuously running water fountains.

Volleyball is the chosen sport!

Gus has found his rhythm with reading.


Walking to Trader Joe's is a short jaunt.

Kids are digging the wheels allowed on school grounds rule.

She loves Wonder Woman.

P is also inspired by The Great British Baking Show and wants to continually try to make new things. Lovely for mother-daughter time, not so good when I eat waaaay more than my fair share.

Pearl wants to take a bath everyday.

Making friends!

Pearl's ballet class:

OSMI with a friend from college and her kiddos.

Keller is pretty darn proud of himself.

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