Friday, March 13, 2009

Dolls Parade

Vera's birthday got extended once again when she received a present in the mail from our good friends living in LA. First, I have to start this post by saying that Vera is a kid that loves mail. (Yep, that is a hint if you feel like sending a note.) Getting a letter is like winning the lottery to her and you better believe a package makes the day. Recently my dad sent a letter to her. It just happened that the day that it arrived was one of those days where the kids and I were running around chaos style and we didn't check the mail. J got home and quickly grabbed what was in our box. I had to make him take her mail back to the mailbox so that she could check it the next day.

Back to my original thoughts...Vera received a belated b-day present and it was doll clothes. This prompted a fashion show and a fashion shoot. Baby Doll is in Vera's arms dressed in her new party dress, while Emma chills on her lap wearing an outfit received at Christmas. The cutest (in my expert doll clothing opinion) are the two onesies. Gabby is wearing purple and Mimi in the back is wearing the pink one. Yes, all of Vera's dolls have names and she knows them and will correct us if we get it wrong. Here is the kicker, if you don't for some reason realize that the name is going to stick or that you should have one as soon as you hand a doll to a child you end up with the before mentioned Baby Doll. That is her name and she is the original. Since then we make sure to have a name for her dolls. However, Vera still has the will to change them.


fourthbreakfast said...

Great photo! You'll have to see if she's go for names like Galadriel and Arwen. Loved your pelemeni post. I have the best memories of making (and eating) them with your sis.

April Hoffmann said...

That is so cute that all her dolls have names and she'll correct you. Hilarious! I love your blog. So fun! :)