Thursday, October 22, 2009

P-Patch After Dark

In SB, you have to love Lane Farms for the closest to an authentic pumpkin patch that you can find here. They have a corn maze, animals, lots and lots of jumbo pumpkins, and free hay rides. We visit, once or twice, or ten times in the month of October. They have good prices on all of their squash, so I pick a few up each time to justify my kids screaming through their area. This year we tried a late night visit for the first time. Good times!

Hay throwing fun! The kids spent a good 20 minutes chasing after the monster (aka Daddy) trying to feed him yummy, delicious hay.

Close to the almost impossible goal of having all four kids looking at the camera.

Typical photo when trying to snap one of four kids.

AND, first time that I have ever caught Vera and B looking at the camera at the same time with expressions on their faces that resemble smiles. Big moment, except so flashed out! Photos at night, kind of hard.

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Krista said...

I can't believe I missed this! He looks awesome. You'll have to have another kid just so the sweater will get more use since he's growing out of it so fast. At least kid sweaters are fast and easy!