Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ding dong the witch is dead! In this case, the witch is the freaking never ending Halloween. I LOVE Halloween, but even I am tired of dressing my kids up and trotting them around for candy. Part of this year's drama has been that J disappeared to Taiwan (aka, had to travel for work) for the week leading up to the 31st. He missed my PEP event, but thankfully sent his parents in his absence, and then he was gone for just about every other dress-up occasion.

I truthfully did think Keller was old enough this year for the fun. Whew! Little bit of a mistake there. He loved trick-or-treating, but became downright furious if not allowed to eat each and every single piece of candy that he collected. This included jaw breakers and Whoppers, basically all candy that gets included in my choking nightmares.

Thankfully, Dad returned the afternoon of the 31st with only a bit of jet lag and was there to help with the kiddos trick-or-treating. I have so many photos of cute kids in costumes, but seriously, how many more of those can I post? Just for a change of pace, here I am in my adorable costume...Vera was thrilled to be in a photo with her dear old mom.

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Your shoes look great!