Saturday, November 7, 2009


Keller is all over the place and into everything these days. He has outgrown our house, something Vera hasn't done at almost 4. His favorite things to do are scale up the back of our chairs and hurl himself onto the table, climb up a dresser in our living room to reach the kitchen counter...then, up and over, and open either the pantry or freezer door to find munchies to spread around the house. He loves art...painting, coloring, and eating crayons.

He is exhausting - good thing he is cute or he might be out on the street!

Here Keller is after his shower. He is searching out the wet spots to slip and fall. This goes hand in hand with his new affinity for falling off anything that he can climb.


Krista said...

Get that kid into stuntman school STAT!

Anonymous said...

Great video!!!!

Fourth Breakfast

Krista said...

BTW - how did that head fit under the gate?!