Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Chaos

We spent Thanksgiving Day dashing from one place to the next, which is typical of our trips to the Bay Area now. Our first stop was at my stepmom's house for some catching up time with family. Vera was loving the time with her cousins.

Vera and Dylan managing a zoo. Can you tell from this picture who was being the bossy bee during the game?

Our next stop was at Jules and Damien's place to finally see it and to take some engagement photos of them. Aren't they cute? There is so much to think about when taking a good picture. But, I have to say that photographing two adults who smile when you ask them to and look at the camera is refreshing.

Vera's new best friend, Ginger-Pie.

Another Jules and Damien picture at their wedding site...I am going to be the matron of honor, sounds so weird to say matron instead of maid.

OMG, could it be, a picture of my family all looking at the camera. Oh wait, is that a road just chilling in the background, yep. No Christmas card here!

Our third and final stop was at Auntie Lolo's house for the main event. Thanksgiving dinner was yummy delicious and the kiddos got some good Nana and Papa quality time.

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