Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nancy Shower

Baby shower for my friend Nancy - check! After many hours of planning, including many, many spent on the below cookie pops...the party is over and now we are just waiting for her little man to arrive. BUT, back to the pops. As a first try they turned out pretty well, except they kept falling off their darn sticks. Next time, thicker cookies and more frosting. There can never be too much frosting!

Second creation, an ice cream cake. After many conversations with D about how to do it, I was ready. Basically I had to cook a brownie and spread ice cream on top. Unfortunately, my timing got a little off in the planning stage and I thought I could whip the whole thing together in 30 minutes. Whoops, each layer (there were 3) had be be frozen before adding the next. Hmm, I cut a few corners and it dripped a bit. But, I am still counting it as a success, because the blueberries on top were so darn pretty.

Party planners + mom-to-be = fab quartet!

Love my mamas!

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Krista said...

You throw the best parties!