Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vera's patented photo face. Pursed lips - check, head tilt - check, and she is all set for a picture. Both kids were excited because they had long sleeves with a short sleeve shirt over it. Only problem, Keller totally looks like he is wearing a turtleneck.

Pop Quiz: Which picture did Vera paint and which one did Keller do?

Yes, why that would be a heap of dogs that Vera is dragging up the stairs. The star of the pack is still Bingo, the Beagle. Two funny things about that dog. First, when asked how he got his name, Vera's original reply, "Cause Bingo was his name-o!."

The second is unfortunately that Bingo had a little run-in with some puke last weekend. The world almost came to an end in our house that night. Bingo WAS a barking and tail wagging dog. Not so anymore, I stripped him of his battery pack and threw him into the washer with all of Vera's bedding. What I didn't realize was that because there was a whole where his battery pack used to be, his stuff ended up everywhere. He has some major surgery and is now almost back to normal, but will be silent for ever more...not really a bad thing in our world.

This one is for Zia! Vera loved painting the set and planting her wheat grass.

Keller being sick has equaled lots of indoor time this week.


Anonymous said...

Nice puzzle:)

Fourth Breakfast

Good Times and Chaos said...

I thought you might recognize that one! :)

Krista said...

She was telling us about the wheatgrass at the zoo!