Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zoo Day with Ta-Ta and Uncle D

After 4 days of being at home with a sick little boy, we jumped at the chance to visit some animals with Ta-Ta and Uncle D at the zoo. It really, really helped that they brought Chicken Ranch to share.

There was an entire world of critters for Keller to see and he just wanted to watch the zookeeper raking leaves. So exciting! Don't know how she felt about being on display.

Thank you Sis and B-i-L for being okay with Booger Boy and One Volume Vera.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Vera and the wingspan.

Fourth Breakfast

Krista said...

Kinda cool that Vera didn't totally freak out when the bird flew by and crapped on her. Not like I would have done!

Anonymous said...

One volume Vera?!

Krista said...

Vera, technically, has two volumes, off and LOUD ;-) She's whipsmart though!