Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Random Collection

Mrs. B sent me these two pictures of Keller. Wow, he is starting to look all grown-up to me. I was thinking about it this morning, the fact that he is going to be two in less than a month, and yet I can still crook him into my arm and onto my hip. He is all boy and ready for action.

Vera is obsessed with taking pictures with the little camera (our point and shoot) and then previewing them on the the tv. She also wants a captive audience to listen as she details each shot.

I had to post this picture. CC, only you would be able to find denim diapers...AWESOME!

One of the many, many reasons why I think J is a great dad. He spent 30 minutes playing the smash game with the kids.

Vera's new skill! She bought the jump rope with her allowance money. Her first big purchase. :)

Keller's innovative way to eat cake. I tried for an instant to tell him to use a fork and then just figured why not? He doesn't eat all food like this and hopefully he won't be 20 and eating his cake with no hands, but for now I am okay with it.

Tay and her first birthday cake!!

Oh, and here is Keller trying to steal Tay's first birthday gift from the house. Wasn't quite as effective as he might have thought considering it is a rocker.

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