Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going to the Chapel!

I have to start by acknowledging that I am going to post too many photos (wait, is there such a thing). First, I don't know if I just love certain weddings or have a particular fondness for the ones that I am in, but three of my favorite weddings have been when I have had the honor of being part of the bridal party.

Jule's wedding was beautiful. The combo of the location, the bride and groom's personal vows, and the dance party = AWESOME wedding! I must mention that it had a great officiant - GO HUBBY!

The F-i-L and Jules make the all important walk down the aisle.

Listening to Julia's vows was tear inducing. She spoke from the heart, so honest that it touched my heart.

We were so proud of our matchy-matching french pedicures!


nonni said...

so which couple actually was the "King and Queen" of the prom?

Julia said...

p.s. pedicures are for toes, manicures are for fingers :)