Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Big Changes

The biggest news...Keller transitioned to his fire engine bed (thank you craigslist) awesomely. No more crib for our little dude, of course he had been and out of his crib for a couple of months, really no difference with him getting up and down out of a "big boy bed." He LOVES it!

The cutest thing, so cute it will make you a little sick, he found a hot wheel fire engine and now sleeps with it in his fire engine bed.

In addition to the new bed, I switched up the wall design behind Keller's bed. Yea, should have taken a before and after photo. But, I always think of that step after the AFTER is completed. Whoops! I am all about chaos, color, and collage.


The Fallons said...

LOVE the firetruck bed! His room looks soooooooooooo cute!

Julia said...

now i want a firetruck bed!