Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pearl's 2nd Birthday - Cats!

Pearl turned 2 on November 1st! We were very lucky to have Nonni and Nonno come to celebrate with our little munchkin. The funniest part about the whole thing was that TaTa was talking to me on the Tuesday before Halloween and said, "You realize your daughter is turning 2 this Sunday, right?" Urgh, with Halloween and Old Hope School Days the time and what was happening was overwhelming. Too much to do, which is not an excuse for not remembering such an important date. I think I just thought, "I will get through Halloween and the costumes and then concentrate on Pearl's party." That really isn't possible when Pearl's party falls the day after Halloween. 

So, we sat on that picnic bench and decided on a cat theme (as she loves cats) and searched pinterest for fun ideas. Whew! 

Cat ears for everyone and a cat mask from TaTa and her cousins: 

Hmm...not sure I am saying thanks for the cat mask as Little Miss P wanted to keep it on in every picture. ;)

So much better without the mask. Darn it! Why, why did she put her finger up her nose.

TaTa's present fit well with the theme:

Thank you Nonni and Nonno for the baby doll!

I almost frosted all of the cupcakes and then thought...why? The kiddos got to all decorate their own cupcakes.

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Krista said...

So glad she liked it! Happy birthday, Pearl!