Friday, April 23, 2021

February Frenzy

Pearl's sweet little group braved the cold to continue hanging together outside. 

Portland Lights Festival + a display by Mike Bennett = win, win

Totally worth taking the time to walk around. 

Another of our favorites:

While Vera rowed at Vancouver Lake, the rest of the family explored the Columbia River near Vancouver. 

She did not get her flexibility from me. 

Snow in Portland!!

Also, the moment we realized that Pearl's room is severely lacking in insulation. There was ice on the outside and the inside of her windows. 

Snow + food coloring + squirt bottle = Turtle Time

That is sweat...shoveling snow is hard work. 

This is ideally where Vera would spend all of her snow days. 

Pearl's Valentine's lunch creation was yummy.

It is almost a tradition that the girls and I trek to TJ's in the snow. 

The ice was a little cray-cray. The last day as the sun came out, the ice fell from the trees like huge pieces of hail. 

Our sweet friend mailed cookies to us, that lasted all of 10 minutes. 

Keller officially has a mountain crew that goes up on the weekends. 

Vera's bread on the left, my bread on the right...I am not allowed to make the break anymore. 


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