Wednesday, April 28, 2021

March Madness

Boba tea adventure...the little kids still like hanging with us. 

How I got to view Vera's first high school volleyball game:

Mike Bennett's series at PSU, a mini scavenger hunt.

Pickleball is all the rage and we play weekly. 

Basically, the best day in March ever to go to the Oregon Zoo. 

Pearl and I finished San Francisco!!

Volunteers get to attend the high school volleyball games!

A bike ride + the Portland Puppet Museum = a good afternoon 

Thanks goodness for Pearl's learning group and the sweet mama who made leprechaun traps with the kids. 

A friend needed an x-ray, which meant our first indoor playdate for Pearl and Gus...well, Gus was a babysitter of sorts. He kept the 3-year-old entertained. 

The dandelions are so pretty.

Crafty, crafty, crafty

Vera's rowing hands...they have yet to toughen. 

The new bike track is pretty amazing. 

A little bit goofball...

Our friend's garden is amazing. 

Dude, the post office refused to deliver these, which means I had to pick them up and then the only help I was given was a cart. Not super happy with the customer service this time. 

Those boxes above made a really fun fort for the afternoon. 


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