Wednesday, April 21, 2021

January 2021

Amazing Legos

4th grade Oregon State Salt Dough Project (It sometimes is still weird to me that we live in Oregon):

Flamino Merch, expensive, but a well liked Christmas present.

The beginning of the snowboarding weekly lessons. I'm realizing that I need to find the photos from J's snowboarding camp pictures of the two boys. This documents Pearl's first experience and she was super excited. 

Oh wait, maybe it just documents J and me. 

The talents of my sister keep expanding...she know watercolors and does woodworking. 

After a storm, I was fascinated by how much debris came down the river. 

Me, just trying to lure my father to Oregon. 

Pearl's sweet group of friends. 

Oh man...parenting guilt. Gubby was well past needing a prescription check. New glasses for the boy and an eye check for mom as well. 

Pearl loves her bead making kit. 

So many yikes...yet, she really is a good driver. Probably better than me. 

Headbands are the way to go for walks for me. My sister created this awesome one. 

More snowboarding adventures!

The end of Gus' snowboarding adventures...such a bummer because the fall itself looked pretty minor. He just landed wrong on his wrist, the right one, which made school super fun. 

I learned a new skill. My cheeseburger eggrolls are so good. I tried a few vegetarian ones and no one seemed to like them.  

First snow!


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