Wednesday, April 7, 2021

November in a Nutshell

The pictures basically start at the end of November and work backyards. Oh well. 

First up, Oregon Zoo Lights Covid style:

This was on my to-do list since we moved to Portland!! World's Smallest Park Mill Ends:

Keller looking for a Christmas tree...aka, he sat in the car the entire time. 

Everyone else finding our Christmas trees:

Hiking on the Oregon Coast:

A little bit of porch selfies:

We deconstructed Halloween antlers and instead made fall antlers using felt. 

November Pokemon Hunt!!!!! J and I went out everyday at 6pm to participate in a Portland Scavenger Hunt. We love Mike Bennett who started the whole thing and found that we also adore 2025th. 

Mike Bennett:

First snow day of the year:

My friend Marci came to visit:

Class birthday shenanigans: 

Diamond painting...I kind of love it. 

My favorite picture of the 6 of us...but the 12-year-old wouldn't smile. 

Just the boys and a smile!


Pearl's small group learning:

Online learning all the time. 

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