Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bad, Bad Stairs

At times, the fact that we remember only tidbits of childhood is probably a blessing. Lately, Vera falls, trips, stumbles, and goes splat more than J and I would like. She isn't particulary clumsy, yet has these spectacular accidents that can cause her parents to have minor heart attacks. Now, when one of these mishaps occurs, I cringe. She will go from standing to splayed on her belly in 2 seconds flat. If I fell like she does I would be out of commission for a week and sore for double that amount of time.

Vera's most recent fall was a doozy. She was walking down the stairs in front of me when about four steps from the bottom she pitched forward. In doing so she bashed her nose on a part of the baby gate we have attached to the bottom of our stairs. Having been hit in the nose before, I can only begin to imagene the pain that she felt. Yet, after about an hour of mommy comfort and a quick visit to the doctor to make there was no permanent damage, she was playing and laughing like nothing had happened.

This photo was taken the day the fall happened. It has been a few days since the accident and the bruises and are getting worse, which I am told by J is quite normal. It now looks like she is going to have two black eyes, just in time for her 3rd birthday party!

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Krista said...

Poor kiddo! But look at her smiling through it.