Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vera is 3!!!

Vera is 3, which I can hardly believe! I swear she went to bed and was tiny and then woke up and is a little girl. She is smart, funny, and unbelievably cute. At times she is the spitting image of her dad and yet when she opens her mouth she sounds exactly like her mama (hopefully with better vocabulary). She loves her baby dolls, being read to by anyone and everyone, and being chased by monsters. The current edition of the monster game includes Keller as the monster.

Her day started off with presents from mom and dad and a round of "Happy Birthday." Then, we headed off to the zoo with friends. After getting back and while eating lunch, Adam came over to show Vera the special treat he had brought her from Mammoth. SNOW! Adam carried snow home in a cooler and then proceeded to teach her how to eat it, throw it at cars, and soak her baby brother.

Lots of time...and then we had Vera's dinner of choice. She chose pancakes (butternut squash & chocolate chip), eggs, and bacon followed by brownies. All in all, a pretty good day for our munchkin.

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