Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bay Area Extravaganza

A mini photo shoot of Mazzetta family.

Keller bonding with Adrienne.

Keller's Giant shirt, although a little scrunched...still the cutest thing ever and Keller is pretty adorable a well.

Vera and her godfather!

Vera and Zia...seriously one of the funniest pictures of Vera I have seen yet. She looks almost angelic...later J told me that this is the shot you get when you catch her coming down from a jump.

Coffee break with Regina. Vera had honey milk, which she inhaled.

Love Papa!

We have finished another Bay Area whirlwind trip. There are always so many people to see and friends to catch up with and the days fly by so that the whole trip feels like it is over before it starts. Having said all that, the beginning was awesome! J and I had a magical moment on Wednesday night. We were driving up to J's parent's house and we took a second to look at each other. It was the easiest drive to SF trip we have had since Vera was born. Both kids took a 2 hour nap (unheard of in Vera's world) and they didn't freak out when they woke up. An easy 5 hour car trip, it was a miracle.

It was a good trip. A big shout-out to our friends Matt and Jessica who not only hosted a Togo's sandwich filled lunch at their house, but also let Keller harass their dog. Keller found the love of his life in Adrienne. We visited with many friends and got to spend time with Nana and Papa. Plus, Jan and Jay cooked amazing dinners every Big Jay's Panang Curry.

On the way home we visited with my stepfather and stepsister's family in Atascadero. It made me miss my mom, but also made me thankful that Richard is still a part of our lives. Vera and Keller have a Grandpa that can tell them stories about their Grandma and that means a lot to me.

Okay, that was a very fast synopsis of our trip and all that happened.

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