Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lizard Love

Do you remember the snail that Vera loved? Well, chica has a new pet, this one found scurrying around our house when we came home for lunch. I would love to be able to say that I have matured since her last obsession and I handled it very calmly. Uhm...yeah, no! Instead, I grabbed the kids and ran to our neighbor's house to ask him to come and catch it.

Once it was safely in the tupperware I still felt no great urge to approach it. Vera didn't have the same reservations. As Adam took the photo she felt good about putting her foot near it to help give a size comparison. Tell me you wouldn't be a little nervous...it has to be a good 6-7 inches. I still believe it would have had no trouble clearing the lip of that container.

Then, although you can't see it here, she started petting it!

And, felt confident to carry it over to the creek to release it. Again, are we sure this is my child? She is fearless with the creepy crawlies. She has smartened up a bit though and now asks me first whether or not a bug bites before she goes in for the hold.


Krista said...

Maybe she has to grow into it? I remember picking up worms and chasing the boys around the schoolyard with them, now you wouldn't catch me anywhere near a worm! And snails! Snails are the worst!

fourthbreakfast said...

I love it! Sign her up for bug and muddy summer camp