Monday, May 25, 2009

Photo Time

Vera's new bike. There is something about the combination helmet + actual bike that makes her look so old. Where is my baby? I can't believe that she is old enough to ride a bike (with training wheels of course). Right after this was taken she took a little spill and we have had a tough time convincing her "to get back on the horse again."

Keller's weekly eating shot. Orange slices are his new treat and my new way of keeping him from screaming if we need to finish dinner. He slowly gnaws his way through each slice until the entire orange is finished.

On the matter of his screaming/screeching...hmmm...ear piercing is a nice way to describe it. Ear damaging is another way.

Because I don't feed him enough, he had to eat raw sweet potatoes.

1 comment:

Krista said...

That poor starving baby!
Did Vera spill after I left the sewing lesson? Does that girl ever stay upright?!