Thursday, May 21, 2009

The New Children's Museum

A trip to the The New Children's Museum in San Diego completed our weekend plans. Posting this just a little bit after the weekend. :) We lucked out in that it was the second Sunday of the month that we visited, which happens to be a free day. Yeah! We do love free. Have to say, walking up, the place was a party. They had an art activity out front for the kids (and parents) to create, a dance marathon happening on the balcony and a funky vibe in the air. Yes, I did just say a good way.

The museum is rad, not what you typically think of as a children's museum. The only one we had visited before this was in Carson City, Nevada. Very cool in its own way, but it was more a series of activities that mimicked real life. The rooms inside the SD one are inspired by different artists.

Keller Monster!

Keller: "An entire room filled with long piece of wood for me to stick in my mouth...heaven!"

Keller and J peering into the rain room. It was a house inside the museum where it was raining all the time. Or at least water spraying down on a tin roof to make a cool sound.

J and my favorite activity. You had to walk backwards on the top set of tires to move the scooter was work and a little nerve wracking when you actually started to move.

Vera and Keller's favorite area. J would wind up these large foam beads for Vera to jump around in. Keller just kept pretending to nap.

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